Capital Projects

Projects in this division include super hospitals, military base regeneration, prisons & secure hospitals.Large and prestigious projects demand a different approach - specialist, experienced teams collaborate to deliver completed zones with our values in mind.

Capital Projects

Health Care

In use twenty-four hours a day, there is no greater challenge then the maintenance of a live hospital. We are able to work alongside staff and patients in a polite and friendly manner to ensure maintenance works can be carried out to even the most sensitive areas with minimal disruption.


We can assess and advice on products and resources needed to carry out a maintenance program for different types of building environments including family homes, student accommodation and elderly care homes.


We can program maintenance works to suit client requirements. This may involve allocating a large resource after school or during the holidays. We can complete full decoration and maintenance works to accommodate all circumstances.


Work in many commercial properties requires a high degree of discretion and minimal disruption. With our experience we can work alongside and liaise with building users whilst completing programmed maintenance works.


Work in live government buildings always requires a high degree of discretion. Our staff are security cleared and trained to work in such an environment. We can also provide resources for work which may require immediate attention at short notice.

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